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It’s official: Yannick Ngakoue is a member of the Vikings.

The Vikings and the Jaguars have announced the trade that sends Ngakoue to Minnesota for a 2021 second-round pick and a conditional fifth-round selection in 2022. (The fifth-round pick reportedly can become a third-round pick.)

The announcement means that Ngakoue ultimately signed off on the terms of a new contract before the finalization of the trade. As reported on Sunday, Ngakoue gave up $5.788 million in salary, dropping his franchise tender from $17.788 million to $12 million without securing any incentives based on sacks or the ability to avoid being franchise-tagged in 2021.

Some around the league wondered whether Ngakoue would balk at ultimately signing the deal, under the terms that were reported. In the end, he signed it as is, without any type of modification or enhancement.

And so Ngakoue’s holdout has ended in one fell swoop, with the player traded to Minnesota and with the Vikings beefing up their pass rush in a big way, vaulting Ngakoue and Danielle Hunter into the conversation for the best pass-rushing duo in the NFL.